"I really love these products they make my hair feel so soft."



"I have the best curl definition that i have ever had. left my hair shiny and soft. thanks."



"I've only been using this for almost a month now and I'm 7-8 months transitioning. I love this product! The lemon scent is so good you want to eat it , but what I really love about this product is that it gives my hair so much shine to it. The best part in my opinion, is the hair mask. It is the full hydration that my hair needs and I will go nuts without having it! Thank you Chanelle for recommending this to me, and I will be purchasing more every time I run out."


Cassie African Queen's Indigofera Wash Day Demo


"This was a great buy. I find myself reordering these products alot. Way better than Carol's Daughter or Miss Jessie's--the ingredients are superior and they penetrate the hair, not lie on top of it. Mega moisture= NO BREAkage ladies!!!!"


"The Indigofera hair care ritual set is the best product I have used on my hair. It is ALL NATURAL. It smells SO GOOD. When I go to the salon, people ask what I am using on my hair - I love it!"

- Samantha


" I tried the Intensive Hair Mask this weekend ... WOW ... this is a must do for me ... thank you! I was able to blow dry and go ... no flat irons ... yeah! A time saver plus shine ... WOW!" 

- Sherice


”I absolutely love how this conditioner makes my locks feel softer than soft with no build up”



Divine in a Jar!

 "Botanical hairdress is absolutely divine! It leaves hair moisturized and adds shine without build up or feeling heavy. The sheen can last for days without reapplication. And the scent is just heavenly! Awesome product. Great for all styles, if you are starting dreds you NEED this product...makes scalp feel refreshed helps eliminate itch. Highly recommend!!"  





"I have three different products from company and the Botanical Hairdressing is my favorite. The light lemongrass scent is soothing and relaxing."

Reviewed by:  NaturalHairLatina from South. on 8/28/2011


Can't Beat it with a Stick!


I love this product! It is the only product that keeps my scalp hydrated and flake free! I need to keep it stocked piled just in case.


Reviewed by:  Blessed and Content from Detroit. on 7/

Enjoy the Emerald Circle for a Lifetime! 

I decided to join the Emerald Circle because my hair LOVES Indigofera and I liked the fact that you get 15% off on all your orders for a LIFETIME! Even Promo's are included! Joining the Emerald Circle allows you to get access to tutorial video's by Chanelle herself and you will learn more than just about hair. This company is amazing. Customer service is always on point!

 Reviewed by:  Sharmentha Read from Netherlands. on 3/15/201


"The main thing that I have experienced over time with a lot of other products is buildup. I have yet to experience that with the hair care ritual set and I have been using it for almost a year. They all smell good and are very lightweight. Awesome products."  -Tosha

If you're ready to "be radiantly beautiful" and learn about the benefits of natural, healthy plant-based beauty products, pick up a hair-care ritual set and discover the difference!"Simply amazing!  -Kia

My Locs Love This!


I" love that this mist makes my hair feel hydrated and soft, and the peppermint aroma makes it so addictive!" - Krystina

Where do I begin? It's a plant based product that smells delightful. The shampoo cleans my hair, suds well, without drying out my scalp. The other products are not heavy and my scalp has NO FLAKES when I use Indigofera. My hair is soft and more manageable when I use it! - Tamara