Hydrating Hair Mist

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hydrating hair Mist close up.jpg

Hydrating Hair Mist


Hydrating Hair Mist 8 oz.

 Daily Lightweight Leave in


Dry hair is a thing of the past. Rejuvenate your hair to boost moisture and infuse your tresses with these rich botanicals, aromatic lavender and peppermint!


Plant Based Benefits:

Pure Aloe rejuvenates moisture in between styles 
Invigorate the scalp and hair with peppermint and rosemary 
Avocado oil detangles for effortless comb out
Leaves hair refresh and smelling beautiful
Rosemary, Sage and Nettle promote hair growth and healthy follicles

All Indigofera Hair Care products are petroleum and paraben free. We never use SLS, synthetic fragrance or dyes. Vegan. Premium formulas, infused with 100% Essential Oils.

Consistency (liquid)
Packaging (cobalt blue bottle with white sprayer)
Scent (herbal,peppermint/lavender or fragrance free)

Hair Care Ritual: Hydrate

Spray through out hair and refresh scalp as needed. Excellent for natural hair hydration and locs. Refreshing scent that is aromatic and not overpowering. Synergize benefits with a Indigofera nourishing soultion for more softness and shine.

Pro Styling Tip: After loc maintenance spray Hydrating Hair Mist on hair prior to dryer time to make hair even softer and moisturized. 

· For loose natural hair, perfect for detangling and keeping hair damp 

· For locs hydrates and moisturizes at the same time, feels blissful!

· Use as often as you like with no build up


Isn't it time to Experience REAL PLANT BASED Hair Care?


Each of my sought after formulas are blended from scratch. Generous amounts of pure aloe, virgin coconut and nourishing avocado make Indigofera the Gold Standard in premium plant based hair care. Smells fresh, uplifting and natural.

Client Testimonial

"This was a great buy. I find myself reordering these products alot. Way better than Carol's Daughter or Miss Jessie's--the ingredients are superior and they penetrate the hair, not lie on top of it. Mega moisture= NO BREAkage ladies!!!!"

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