Nevar's Indigofera Feature

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Hello my name is Nevar Moore and I'm from Washington, D.C. What makes me Radiantly Beautiful is that I am bold and different. I have learned that in order to care for everyone I need to take care of me first. I came across Indigofera and fell in love. Once I washed my hair with Aromatic Hair Cleanser  I knew I found the answer to my prayers. I have been struggling to find something to wash out all of the lint and dirt build up. With 2 washes my hair smelled the best it has ever smelled. Thank you Indigofera for everything. 


My Indigofera hair care ritual consist of the Organic Hair Souffle, when I re twist my locs.  I use it after every wash and I add Nourishing Hair Serum for shine . I love these products they smell so good! 


Thank you Nevar for the honest and radiant testimony. We love our clients and as you can see they love our products too! If you would like to be featured in the next client post. Please email for your application. And as always....


Be Radiantly Beautiful.....



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Posted on September 12, 2017 .