Indigofera Natural Hair Care is a collection of premium hair care products formulated with generous amounts of fresh, nourishing plant based ingredients and 100% aromatic essential oils for Coils, Kinks & Locs.

Indigofera Natural Hair Care provides you with a sought after collection of Chemical-Free, nourishing hair products that will leave your hair more softer, manageable, moisturized, protected with radiant shine.

Welcome to Indigofera  let us help you find your perfect plant based hair care ritual and grow your healthiest hair ever.

Indigofera Client Testimonial
”This was a great buy. I find myself reordering these products alot. Way better than Carol’s Daughter or Miss Jessie’s—the ingredients are superior and they penetrate the hair, not lie on top of it. Mega moisture= NO breakage ladies!!!!”

Our line is formulated with:
Certified Organic Ingredients
Nourishing Botanicals
100% Essential Oils
No Petrochemicals
No Parabens
No Sulfates
No Animal Testing


Each product is premium with the most nourishing ingredients like aloe, avocado and coconut in generous amounts. As soon as you open your jar you will be transformed by the sought after aromatherapy. Yes, 100% essential oils only. No Fragrance, No Syntheics. We belive nature got it right.

We are proud to be one of the first generation of natural beauty brands founded by a woman of color. You help us blossom and we never forget it. Thank you for your business!

Once you elevate your hair care ritual to Indigofera real plant based hair care, you won't want to settle for anymore inferior products.


Experience Indigofera.

Customize your Indigofera Hair Care Ritual with the following products:

Aromatic Hair Cleanser (8 oz)
Botanical Conditioning Cream (8 oz)
Organic Hair Souffle’ (4 oz)
Nourishing Hair Milk (8 oz)
Botanical Hair Dress (4 oz)
Nourishing Hair Serum (4 oz)
Hydrating Hair Mist (8 oz)
Our hair care ritual isn’t a chore - it’s an indulgence.
The Indigofera Beauty Client.
She knows she deserves the best plant based ingredients for her beauty rituals. She makes time to care for herself so she may care for others. She is always growing, cherishing her family and living authentically. She appreciates indie black owned beauty brands who are committed to treat her like the Queen she is. She understands her mind, body and soul are priceless.